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2nd HOKA ONE ONE Monterosa EST Himalayan Trail: plenty of news!

Macugnaga (ITALY), beneath the highest mountain face in Europe, Saturday July 27th 2019!


MACUGNAGA (Italy) – Monterosa EST Himalayan Trail (MEHT) is back with the second edition on Saturday July 27th, 2019 with many confirmation but also lot of news!

Yes, the race organized by Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. will take place on Saturday instead of Sunday to allow everyone spend the entire weekend on the Walser ethnicity village of Macugnaga (Z’Makana); a location just one hour from Milan inside the alpine chain between Italy and Switzerland.

This way participant can rest after Saturday race enjoying the amazing landscapes on Sunday, benefiting of free access to all lifts for participants or discounted prices for all friends.

DISTANCES – Talking about news? Than we start with new distances and some adjustment done on the course like the cut of segment at Lake Locce or a slight change at Mondelli Pass; all advises to improve the course coming from 2018 participants and from Giulio Ornati, Technical Consultant of the event since first edition.

Global location of the event will be at Pecetto Sport Centre where all races start/finish will be, inside the MEHT Village.

Confirmed the epic 60K (4500m D+), the new individual 38K (2900m D+), the 23K (1600m D+) and a brand new 15K (1000m D+).

Like Team Spirit? Than we have a Relay 38K + 22K (2900 m + 1600 m D+) for you!

Confirmed also the assignment of ITRA/UTMB Points for competitors at 60K, 38K and 23K.

Space for families too with the Walser Mini Trail 4 Km held on Sunday at 10:30.


WHAT A SUNRISE – News 2019 does not end here, start of 60K and 38K will not be any more on dark at 04.00am but at 06.00am. Why? Simple! At the start sun will light up Monte Rosa EAST face, so what better time than this to start the competition? It will be emotions and vibes; it will be the moment where everyone will find courage and energies to face an epic journey in the alps.


WHY EST HIMALAYAN? The EAST face of Monte Rosa is the highest mountain face in Europe and the only face “Himalayan Style” inside the old continent.

2.600m drop with 4 Km width at the end of Anzasca Valley inside Piedmont region. From Macugnaga village you can admire a bigger part, very impressive for how close you can look at it!


REGISTRATION OPEN – Registration open on www.MEHT.it with first registration slot ending on April 30th.


MEHT IN SHORT – Saturday July 27th, 2019 run beneath the highest mountain face in Europe! SPORT PRO-MOTION A.S.D. choose a unique location in Europe: Macugnaga, the event location, is only 1.5h from Milan.

Participants can admire the 2.600 face, from Belvedere glacier to Dufour summit (4.634m), choosing from five different distances.


Based on your trail level you can choose to run:

15K (1000m D+): “entry level” race for the ones approaching trail, you can look at the Walser ethnicity village of Macugnaga from all angles.

23K (1600m D+): at the base of the EAST face of Monte Rosa, a unique view over alpine trails.

38K (2900m D+): technical race, with constant look at the Swiss 4.000 summits.

60K (4500m D+): a long trail with 4.500 D+, passage at Mattmark dam in Switzerland and by Monte Moro Pass back to Italy; a technic course ideal to prepare autumn trails like UTMB or Tor De Geants.

38K+22K (2900 m + 1600 m D+): a Relay, ideal for the ones who likes Team Spirit, a common effort to fully enjoy the sport spirit!

Info: www.MEHT.it